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Project CIH

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Project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci program in the amount of EUR 13 500.

Amiedu- Finland
Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce- Poland
Magyar Tisztítás-technológia Szövetség- Hungary
Scuola Nazionale Servizi Foundation- Italy

Objectives of the project:
  • Identifying how many countries within the European Community are operating with „professional“ standards for Cleaning Operatives
  • What kind of other standards have been developed to regulate cleaning or access cleaning quality
  • Identifying areas of similarity and differences - compare the qualifications, and if possible - make agreements for recognize each other’s qualifications
  • Considering if there is any „research“ being carried out in the science of cleaning
  • To put together all strengths that different countries have in order to achieve real good and strong „best practice experience“

Cleaning is only industry operating in every business in the world.

Yet the common opinion is that cleaning is something primitive: anyone is suitable for the job and can do it without special training. The reality is different……

What is the aim of cleaning? What does „cleanliness“ mean? Why do we need standards?